How Do the Production Practices Appeal to the Target Audience in ‘This Is England’

Topics: Social class, Actor, Working class Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: November 1, 2010
How do the production practices appeal to the target audience in ‘This is England’? The target audience of ‘This Is England” is aimed perhaps at the working class, most likely teenagers, because the working class can relate to this film, because of the setting and story line, and because most of the cast are teens/young adults, it enables teenagers to relate to the film a lot. The production practices are, in my opinion basic, because the set is pre-fabricated in residential areas of Nottingham, which makes it realistic, which helps the audience relate. One element, which makes the film feel realistic, is the camera work. The camera work in the film is mainly handheld, which almost places the audience in the room, with the characters, as if they are involved in the story line. Handheld camera makes the shot shaky, like a homemade video, which is another element makes the film more realistic. It is clear that Shane Meadows is trying hard to portray realism extensively, because throughout most (if not all) of the film, natural light is used, by this I mean non other than daylight, or normal ambient lights of a building, of course this adds to the realism factor of the movie, because it makes the shots look natural. Using all these techniques is not only successful to adding realism to the film, but it is also very inexpensive, so the production team would not need to spend a large percent of their budget (which was £1,500,000) on things like a set, and/or lighting. Shane Meadows and his casting team decided to hire less established actors to portray his characters, which is also inexpensive, compared to hiring a well established, Hollywood actor. Another benefit of using a less established actor in a film like This Is England, is that the audience may not have seen these actors in anything else before, therefore they are able to believe the roles they are playing more, because the audience do not have any other movies to compare them too. The protagonist ‘Shaun’...
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