How Do the Northern and Southern Colonies Developed

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, North America, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: October 6, 2010
During the period of 1650 and 1750, English colonies developed fast but into very different shapes in North America. There’re couples of reasons, concluding social, geographic, and economic conditions, for that. John Smith settled in Jamestown, which is a part of the southern colony, looking for gold, however, ends up by growing and trading tobacco to make money; John Winthrop came into New England, which is a part of the northern colony, for religious free; William Pann came into Pennsylvania to spread his thought of religious, Quaker. First of all, as always, social conditions play the biggest role. By the 1700’s, the northern and southern colonies had already developed into two different societies. This is mainly because the northern and southern colonies had different distinct reasons for settlement. The northern colonies were established for mainly religious freedom, while on the other hand, the southern colonies were established for economic freedom. At the same time, the relationship between Native American and the settlement influence the development a lot as well. The northern colonies especially for Pennsylvania colony, they are Quakers, who treasure equality as one of the most important value. Thus they treated Native American equally. As a result, their relationship is in good shape. There’s no big war between Native American and the colony for over 50 years. However, on the other hand, since southern colonies came to American for economy beneficial, they treasured money or gold. Thus, they don’t treat Native American equally as what northern colonies did. As a result, there were lots of wars between Native American and the colonies, which made a lot of damage to their economy. Secondly, geographic conditions are not ignorable. The climate also affected the different outcome between the north colonies and the South colonies. The north colonies were much colder, as a result, their soil was not good enough for farming, so the people of the north...
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