How Do the Film Makers of Chicken Run Use Presentational Devices to Reveal the Good and Evil in the Characters of Ginger and Mrs. Tweedie?

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  • Published : April 14, 2011
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How do the film makers of Chicken Run use presentational devices to reveal the good and evil in the characters of Ginger and Mrs. Tweedie?

Film directors and producers use presentational devices to give clues to the audience about the characters personalities and image and the action in the movie. Using the two characters called Ginger and Mrs. Tweedie, I am going to look into how the film makers have used different camera angles, lighting, setting, music, sound effects, and character costume and interaction to create more meaning and emotion within the audience. I will look specifically at the portrayal of Ginger as the good character and Mrs. Tweedie as the evil character.

Camera angles are used in this film to show and tell you different things about the different characters. For example, close up shots are used to show a specific characters emotion in more detail, like when Mrs. Tweedie is angry about the chickens, the camera zooms in on her face to show her frustration and anger in a lot more detail, making her look very evil. They can also be used to show situations in more detail, like when rocky and Ginger are talking, there is a close up shot used on their faces when they are talking. Mid angle shots are used in this film to show a range of different thing but generally used for Ginger when she’s in the coop with all the other chickens. For example, when all of the chickens are in the coop dancing and partying with Rocky the Rooster, a mid angle shot is used to show the whole room, while still showing it in a fair amount of detail. High angle shots are used to show a wide area around the character and can make them seem quite vulnerable, like where ginger is being attacked by the dogs, it goes to a high angle shot to show you the entire area around the character. The film also uses low angle shots to make things seem more large and frightening than they really are. For example, when we first see Mrs. Tweedie the film makers use a low angle shot to...
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