How Do the Assembler and Linker Work Togethe

Topics: Computer, Hexadecimal, Assembly language Pages: 3 (406 words) Published: September 26, 2011
Computer Organization and Assembly Language Fall 2010
Assignment 1
Due Date: 25th August 2010 before class

1. How do the assembler and linker work together'?

2. How will studying assembly language enhance your understanding of operating systems?

3. What is meant by a one-to-many relationship when comparing a high-level language to machine language'?

4. Explain the concept of portability as it applies to programming languages.

5. Is the assembly language for the Intel 80x86 processor family the same as those for computer systems such as the Vax or Motorola 68xOO'?

6. Give an example of an embedded systems application.

7. What is a device driver'?

8. Is type checking on pointer variables stronger in assembly language or in C++?

9. Name two types of applications that would be better suited to assembly language than a high-level language.

10. Why would a high-level language not be an ideal tool for writing a program that directly accesses a particular brand of printer'?

11. Why is assembly language not usually used when writing large application programs'?

12. Translate the following C++ expression to assembly language X = (Y * 4) + 3

13. What is the duration of a single clock cycle (in nanoseconds) in a 3.4 GHz processor?

14. What is the l6-bit hexadecimal representation of each signed decimal integer? a. - 2 6
b. - 4 5 2

15. The following 16-bit hexadecimal numbers represent signed integers. Convert to decimal.

a. 7CAB
b. C123

16. What is the decimal representation of the following signed binary numbers? a. 10110101
b. 00101010
c. 11110000

17. What is the decimal representation of the following signed binary numbers? a. 10000000
b. 11001100
c. 10110111

18. What is the 8-bit binary (two's complement) representation of each of the following signed decimal...
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