How Do Students Really Study(and Does It Matter)?

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How Do Students Really Study (and Does It Matter)?

“How students really study and does it matter?” was an actual study performed on 229 students in an Introductory Psychology Class. The professor, Regan A.R. Gurung, did this to see how different study methods affected the students test scores.

Professor Gurung began the study by giving the students a questionnaire that asked them what were their study habits. Did they study for hours or just review the material before the exam? Did they listen to music or sit around their family or roommates. He added the survey to the end of the last four exams of the class and let the students know that their participation was voluntary. He had them rate each section on a 5-point scale.

What he found was that the most effective techniques students used were the amount of hours the student studied the material had a positive affect on their grade. Other things that contributed to having a better exam score was joining a study group, creating flashcards and mnemonic devices as well as confidence in the material that was being studied.

He also concluded that some behaviors that interfered negatively studying and resulted in lower test scores were if while studying they were listening to music, or watching television. Also a negative contributor was studying in the presence of roommates, family, or searching the Internet. Instant messaging also had negative affects on their scores.

After reading this article, I have to honestly say, I have tried all of these techniques from late elementary school right through High School. I did the flash cards, put in the hours of studying. I went to tutoring and attended all before/after school homework help and test prep classes. For me it really didn’t work. The best study method that I found to be effective and helped to produce a better grade was reading over the material right before the test. It was fresh in my mind and I could recall most of what I just read....
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