How Do My Social Interactions and Relations Shape My Sense of “Here and Now”?

Topics: Time, Space, Spacetime Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: April 16, 2008
How do my social interactions and relations shape my sense of “here and now”?

My social interactions and relations have been shaped by space and time in many ways. Events and standard time are a major factor in structuring my time. Interactions with groups and people help shape my sense of space and are connected to different dominant institutions. Previous interactions and relations have helped unify my sense of time and space. Also, my social interactions and relations have changed my ideas about space and time and also relate to the way I think of myself.

Events and standard time units structure my time by keeping a schedule. Standard time is the development of coordination of activities and social life. Standardizing time establishes times throughout the day that are set for particular events such as, classes, work, leisure interests, or errands. I tend to think of my time’s importance as to how I feel about it. If the occasion is something that I am interested in, important, or needs to get done, than I am most likely to base that as the things that are on the top of my list and how I probably spend most of my time and what I consider as a commodity. Interactions with certain people and groups are a major component of how my time is structured. People’s schedules and times are not always the same as mine. Comparing times and schedules is a ways of communicating with others to identify with my time. Standard time in everyday life can be cyclical determining if you have a routine everyday. But by going by cyclical time could lead you to linear time by continuing your everyday routine to help you progress on to something new. Stand time is one major factor in which my social interactions and relations help shape.

Space is easily thought of as “his”, “hers”, or “mine”. Because the way we think of space as “ours” then we are most likely to be connected to a certain place that is “our space”. I feel most connected to my room. My room is “my space”, and...
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