How Do Children Learn Language Essay

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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How do children learn language and what do word’s mean?

Children are said to be able to communicate from the very second they enter the world. This communication is known globally and all babies unconsciously are able to do it, this form of communication is recognized as crying. This is all right for a short period of time when the child only requires the basic necessities of life, however as they develop and are more consciously aware, this   makes children want and need more, so starts their journey to learn the “primary means of communication of humans beings through language The most common   way a child is taught to speak at a young age is by show and tell, most parents or guardian will show an item, for example a ball and inform the child it’s a ball, by pointing and repeating themselves and normally waiting for the child to repeat after them. A good example of this is of my young one year and four month old cousin, who identified the animal noun Cat from seeing her mother point and inform her, however now she has taken that noun and references it to not only the semantic field of cats but also to other similar animals, like dogs and squirrels. This complicates our understanding of child learning as it shows she is able to denote it to animals however her understanding and lack of experience do not help her to determine the differences between the animals. Many would say children don’t require actual direct communication at a young age to learn new words, the best way they learn is by watching other people around them and picking up on a word and using it as a Holophrase to communicate.   For a child of that age to hear “you fell down?” they are likely to take the last verb and use it to refer it some sort of relevant context, like an item falling down. Thus taking the word and using it as an analogy to items going down, but also to other things which to adults may seem to carry no relevant to the meaning of the actual word
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