How do Charles, William, and Marcie Reflect John Nash

Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Imagination, Schizophrenia Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: April 29, 2013
How do Charles, William, and Marcie reflect John Nash’s personality?

“Its not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay in problems longer” –Albert Einstein. Einstein explains that it is not only having intelligence but also that he shows his perseverance with problems. Both John Nash and Einstein are examples of geniuses in life that with their innovative ideas were able to accomplish great accolades in their own field of work. Still, John had a serious problem, his mental sickness of schizophrenia. His sickness and his severe social problems were a big problem for his life. He would be affected by the ideas of having 3 imaginary characters that suggested his crazy personality and would make him have feelings of ambivalence towards different persons.

John Nash and his invaluable intelligence came with a great cost and that was his sickness of schizophrenia and his egoistic and imperative attitude towards people. One example is the beginning of the film “Beautiful Mind” where Nash said “there is a calculation to how horrible your tie is” which demonstrates how he uses his genius and his ability to find patterns to be mean and to show his poor social skills. Also his imaginary friend later affect his personality for example Charles the egocentric and drunk friend that reflects to his small side of being outgoing and encourages Nash to go out and be a little more social. He becomes a great friend of Nash and helps Nash to become more outgoing and exposes Nash’s social personality.

William, in the other hand shows the negative side of schizophrenia. William is one of Nash’s imaginary persons and he makes Nash have strict ambivalence and several crazy like situations. William is a FBI agent evinces a quest in his mind of finding supposedly codes in newspapers to find the secret Russian spies that are hidden in US. William reflects his paranoiac personality of being observed everywhere and being in a constant fight with schizophrenia and make it harder for...
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