How Do Both Humans and Rose Bushes Exhibit Common Characteristics?

Topics: Reproduction, Human, Rose Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Question: How do both humans and rose bushes exhibit common characteristics?

As the first chapter discusses, biology is the study of life and of living things. There are many things on this planet that can be placed into this category, many organisms that share the same characteristics. I never gave much thought to this concept until the question was asked here.

Plants and human beings, in fact, all things living, must possess certain things in order to live and to grow. Living things are made up of cells, which I imagine is like a design inside the body. To be a living thing, an organism can have just one cell, where as human beings are much more complex living things and have millions of cells in their bodies but five types.

The characteristics that the rose bush and a human being share are many. Rose bushes start out as a seed in the ground and with nourishment and proper care of water, sun and food (fertilizer) the seed will mature into a plant. A human being does not start out as a seed of sorts but we can compare the fetus to the seed of the rose bush. A fetus needs to be nourished and with the proper care such will grow into an infant that will be born. When a rose bush begins to grow, it needs to be cut and trimmed, just as human beings we need our hair cut or our nails trimmed. Also if the rose bush is damaged in some way or another the stem can repair itself to some extent as does the human body. For example a child who has fallen off their bike, scrapes the skin on their knee. In time the skin will repair itself. Even in extreme cases such as a serious burn the body has the ability to repair itself just as the rose bush does. Lastly a rose bush can reproduce as can a human being. After much thought about this I was going to say that rose bushes reproduce in an asexual manner while human beings must have sex. But we know in this day and age, that is not a necessary component for human reproduction. Babies have...
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