How Do Both Humans and Rose Bushes Exhibit Common Characteristics of Life?

Topics: Organism, DNA, Gene Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: October 20, 2011
How do both humans and rose bushes exhibit common characteristics of life?

There are several characteristics that allow us to determine when an “object” is living or non-living. For example, we can look at a rock and a frog and, based on these characteristics, determine that a frog is living and would be something a biologist might study. Even if armed with this information, it is not always easy to see the similarities between living things. For example, are humans and rose bushes really that similar? If you go through the magical “list,” you may be surprised at how much you really have in common with plants. Some commonalities are obvious. For example, rose bushes and humans both reproduce, which results in offspring that resemble the parent(s). Rose bushes create new rosebushes through seeds, whereas humans give live birth. Other obvious similarities include the ability to grow and to respond to the environment. Seeds grow into blooming rose bushes and respond to the stimulation provided by Earth’s gravity, sunlight, water, etc. Human babies also grow into reproductive adults and “mature” psychologically as they learn from experiences and continuously respond (and adapt) to their surroundings. But what about the shared characteristics that are not necessarily intuitive? For example, rose bushes and humans are highly complex organisms, made up of cells that are specialized in their form and function. For example, rose bushes contain cells that house chloroplasts. Without chloroplasts, the rose bush would not be able to synthesize its own food. Humans, on the other hand, have cells that carry oxygen, produce special chemicals (such as insulin), and protect our bodies from invaders. Although different cells perform different functions, they work together to make an organism that is capable of surviving and adapting. Another characteristic that is often overlooked is the fact that these cells contain genetic information. This information is used to “build” the...
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