How do Americans view Christopher Columbus and George Washington today?

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  • Published : November 4, 2013
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Christopher Columbus and George Washington were considered strong admirable men during their time. They both had to push through many obstacles that they faced throughout their life to accomplish the goals that they wanted to embrace. Although they had a few similarities in the way they overcame those challenges, they did however accomplish these ambitions with separate mindsets and had difference’s in their ideas to succeed. One of Christopher Columbus’s main goals that he wanted to achieve in his lifetime was to discover a trade route to the Indies. Although he knew he could achieve this goal he knew it would follow with obstacles and challenges he would have to face during this voyage. One of the main detriments that he came upon was the inability to restock food and water. Under those circumstances, he asked King Joao for help. King Joao denied his request and used the idea as his own, only to find out that it would fail for him in the end. Finally he convinced King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to advance him the money for his voyage for food and supplies. As the voyage began other problems began to occur, the compass needle no longer pointed north, they had to persevere through the Sargasso sea that was filled with thick gulf weed, and the trade winds stopped and put the sailors in fear of no return home. These things didn’t stop Christopher Columbus he knew there was something to look forward to, so he encourage his crew members ensuring them that everything would be okay. After weeks without no sight land and many minds becoming week, there was a cry of joy and Columbus had spotted land, and they had reached the East Indies. Like Christopher Columbus, George Washington was a man of his own hurdles that he had to jump also. Many of the hardships that he encountered were during his administration as president. Washington faced major problems during his term. One such issue was the national debt. Alexander Hamilton proposed that congress should...