How Distractions Will Affect the Driving

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  • Published : February 15, 2011
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Distractions affect drivers of all ages, and are one of the leading causes of accidents. I did not think that this was as serious as it sounded until I started driving myself. I noticed that when I talked to my mother while driving I sometimes got enthused, excited or agitated and often swerved or swayed into the next lane or onto the shoulder. I had to learn to talk but keep my focus on the road. Another distraction for me is eating while driving, I tend to follow my food with my eyes and drive with one hand. I can just imagine what I would do if I dropped something on my lap like hot chocolate. My mother gets distracted often as well, and she’s an experienced driver. Her distractions are mainly putting her make up on in the morning while driving or while stopped at a red light. She also talks on the phone while driving sometimes for hours on conference calls for work. My brother gets distracted because he gets frustrated watching bad drivers making stupid mistakes. My other brother texts while driving constantly since his phone never stops ringing. Another experienced driver that I have been observing is my brother’s girlfriend. She tends to get nervous of other drivers and then her emotions distract her. She also often takes one hand off the steering wheel to smoke or talk on her cell phone even though she knows it is illegal to use her phone while driving. When I am in the car with drivers I know are distracted by other things I try to be quiet and not add further distractions to them. My family made a conscious decision to minimize distractions while driving. We now pass the phone to the person who is not driving since it is a huge distraction. My mother also got a voice activated blue-tooth since it is illegal to talk on the phone while driving. When I am driving I often see people I do not know in other vehicles and they are doing things that myself or my family often do and I think how unsafe it is but I have noticed...
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