How Did I Get the Job in the Travel Agency

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How did I get the job in the travel agency

At the time I still went to school I had to think about something I would like to do in the future. My mom worked in a travel agency for many years and she always told me about all the countries she has visited and the good time she had while working there. When I was younger my parents used to travel a lot with my brother and me, so I got to know many countries. That is why I’m very interested in different cultures, languages and countries. But actually I never really thought about working in a travel agency as well. I thought about starting an apprentice-ship in an event-management agency but after a work-experience I noticed that this wasn’t the right thing for me. So, I didn’t know what to do and thought about what I really took an interest in: it was travelling, dealing with people and other cultures. At first I thought about studying tourism in Worms. For that I needed a 3-months work experience. After some calls I found a travel-agency in Mainz very quick that was searching for a trainee. Before starting the work-experience I checked the internet for some vacancies in travel-agencies to make sure there was an alternative if studying wouldn’t work. But actually it was very late to apply for something. I read an article on the internet of “DER” in Wiesbaden, that they were searching for an apprentice. My mom knew the offices in Wiesbaden because they were very big and famous at the time she was working. I didn’t think that the article was current but I could at least try to apply for their job. So, I started the apprentice-ship in Mainz in a very small travel-agency with only the chief and one employer. There was nothing for me to do and was just sitting there and waiting for time to go by. It wasn’t fun at all but I told myself that it was only for three months and I needed it for studying. One day I got a message from DER and they invited me for a test. I decided to do the test and see if I was...
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