“How Did I Get Away with Killing One of the Biggest Lawyers in the State?

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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“How Did I Get Away With Killing One Of The Biggest Lawyers In The State? It Was Easy” By Alice Walker

In “How did I get away with killing one of the biggest lawyers in the state? It was easy” by Alice Walker, sexual objectification plays a prominent role in the life of the view point character. She allows herself to become grounded within a complicated affair permeated of sexual objectification as a result of key aspects in her life, such as; the socio-economic status of her environment, her relationship with her mother and race. These factors reinforced her vulnerability in regards to her choices and perception of herself. The environment that the viewpoint character dwells in is not the most productive or privileged of places. Rather a surrounding encompassed with challenging living conditions, where the abnormal is considered the norm. As stated in the article, “Where we lived people sometimes just threw pieces of furniture they didn’t want over their railing. And there was broken glass and rags everywhere. The place stunk, especially in the summer. And children were always screaming and men were always cussing and women were always yelling about something”. The image painted, not only portrays the mistreatment of the atmosphere and people but also demonstrates the sustainment of poverty within this environment. The way situations occurred and its result, left an impression that inappropriate treatments are acceptable, especially in this society where the norm is an everyday activity. The impact of the socioeconomics present in this setting is transparent and influential in the household of the viewpoint character. She resides with her single mother, who labors as a maid; earning barley enough to maintain a household, shown in the quote, “Most of the time she didn’t that make much. By the time she paid rent and bought milk and bananas there wasn’t anything left”. As a result of the viewpoint character’s financially crippled situation, the relationship...
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