How Did the World Begin? Religion or Science?

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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How did the world begin? Religion or science?
The ultimate question
That is a tough question that every human is asked at least once in their life time. Religious groups and scientists around the world and throughout history try to answer this question. Where did the world come from?

Where did this all start? Once, there was nothing, then there was god who created the world, but if God made the world, the universe and everything else, what made God? Where does God come from? Who made the world? God. Who made God? He can't have just been there forever. Nothing has existed forever. The questions can continue forever. God is one answer, but even then, the question still stands. Where does everything come from? Life may have first been created by God and then evolution occurred. But the planets the universe, the galaxies. Did God create all of that? If he did, then where did God come from? This is just a philosophy. But the other idea is the Big Bang Theory. According to the Big Bang Theory, 13.7 billion years ago was when the universe began from an initial point or singularity which has expanded over billions of years to form the universe as we now know it now. How do we know that this is true? Is there any evidence, and if there is, is it good enough to believe? Is there any purpose for us? Maybe this is the purpose, to once think about the purpose. Maybe that’s why the cells divided and there were the monkeys! Maybe that is why god made us. But if not why are we here. This is the question that challenged brain all over the world, or even universe. If we are willing to accept the Bible as truth, then we know the answer to "where did we come from?" According to Scripture, we were created by God. So the next question is…why? After all, He is God, and as such, He certainly doesn't need us for anything -- so why did He create us? None of us is here by accident. We were planned and wanted by our Heavenly Father from before the beginning of time. So are we all a family? Adam and Eve are our great great great great..... grandparents? Really? So this is how it all started, with two people having a lot of children. Or were we just species which kept dividing were a lizard then monkey and then a human? The science view is a lot different to the religious view. There are different opinions from every single scientist. Some of them just support theories that other scientists already made. Galileo Galilei was a physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher. People would call him ‘The father of science’. As well as he supported the ‘heliocentric’ view of the universe; that the sun was the centre and the planets revolved around the sun, he turned it around and said: ‘BUT, I believe that God created the universe.’ He was although still going against the church teachings. Thanks to that he was placed under house arrest for the last ten years of his life. On the other hand Thomas Henry Huxley for example who studied anatomy in London, particularly invertebrates, was a very strong promoter of Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Of course, he had his own theory which he presented in 1860 in evolution debate. After a long time, he published ‘Evidence as to Man’s place in Nature’. He was also working on the relationships between apes and humans.

The creation story
The religion ideas are different. What is most likely to be true in them is that god created the world. * Christians believe that god created the world in seven days, doing different steps every day. (Humans and animals were made on the last day.) For Christians, the most important part of this story is the final creation of human beings. Since they were made in God's image and given power over all living things, Christian believe that humans are the most important of God's creations. Some Christians think that this means humans can use the world as they wish, while others believe that God intended humans to care for and look after the world.

* In the time...
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