How Did the Search for a Viable Labor Force Affect the Development of the Southern Colonies?

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  • Published : August 28, 2010
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The southern colonies were probably some of the most deceiving colonies of the original thirteen. They got people to do hard labor for them. The colonists I guess you can say were like “supervisors.” They would sit under some shade sipping on ice cold water while they watched their slaves and servants sweat and maybe even bleed by doing things the owners were capable of doing but were just to lazy to. Deceiving because they say they will give you land and freedom which is true, but in the end they wouldn’t give you the exact same rights the colonists did. The search for a viable labor source affected the southern colonies in many ways. Without forced labor the southern colonies wouldn’t have been able to keep their economy up the way they did. The southern colonies developed with a focus on agriculture as the primary economic activity. Unfortunately the technology to decrease the labor demands such as the cotton gin or spinning jenny weren’t invented during the colonial times. Without that technology the southerners instead took advantage of the immigration and came up with the indentured servants. The indentured servants were I guess you can say happy for having the opportunity for acquiring their own land and freedom for a few years of labor. Even though most of the servants were young and healthy men, most of them died before completing their seven years of labor.

The introduction of African American slavery played a pretty big role in the early colonial settlements. The main role for African American slavery was to help with financial wealth for white owners. Without this work force there would have been a limit on success for early colonial settlements. For example, once the regular indentured servants started to fail at the work they were doing the colonists realized they needed a stronger type of slave. North Carolina used large numbers of slaves because they had heavy industry in the form of naval stores production. Timbers for ships and pitch for...
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