How Did the Roman Empire Maintain Its Power?

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How did the Roman Empire maintain its power?

The Roman Empire was one of the largest empires the world has ever seen. The power and size they managed to obtain has been a constant subject of interest for historians and all those who are interested in history. Julius Caesar’s ascension to power marked the time from where the Romans steadily expanded their territory and by the time the Roman Republic dissolved and the Roman Empire emerged, the Empire had become so big that the Romans had then to face the problem of maintaining their empire. The Roman Empire maintained its power by romanizing everyone and everything they conquered, through good governance, client kings and their skilled military. The first thing the Romans did after conquering a land was romanizing everyone and everything in it. The Romans defined themselves, their political and cultural concepts and everything they did by the term “Romanitas” which means Roman-ness. Instead of enslaving all the people from the conquered lands, the Roman Empire gave them the chance to become Roman citizens. The newly - Romanized citizens would have all the rights and privileges offered to all the other citizens who were Romans by birth. This law was passed under the Edict of Caracalla (212 A.D). The Romans were all educated. Girls were taught household skills like cooking, sewing, etc while the boys were sent to “school” to be taught subjects like literature. For example, the Patrician boys were taught poetry, literature, history, geography, mythology, Greek, public speaking and law. The Romans imposed their language and currency in every place they conquered. The Romans believed that one of the keys to successfully maintaining an empire was by having one language and one currency throughout the empire. The Roman language was Latin and their...
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