How Did the Religious Crisis of the Middle Ages Lead to the Wars of Religion?

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Pope, Martin Luther Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: November 9, 2010
There could have been many different reasons as to why the religious crisis lead to the war of religions. Some believe that it all started with the papacy. In 1377, pope Clement V moved the papacy to Avignon. At that time, there existed another pope besides Clement V, Urban VI. Because of these two popes, it divides the empire into two. As a result, the Council of Pisa was held in 1409 and said that neither of the Roman or Avignon popes were legitimate and that another one was to be selected, in Pisa. Later, the Council of Constance in 1414 retracted all the current popes and elected Martin V as pope and he later reunited the church back together. But because of this, people are in crisis of faith and for one hundred years, the church is unstable. The Northern Renaissance also helped bring about the wars of the religions. The Northern Renaissance was the revival of the classical age of Christianity. A way that this spread was through the printing press. It was much easier with the printing press to get the word out rather than having to write books by hand which took several years per copy. A man by the name of Desiderus Erasmus wrote a different version of the New Testament. In this new version of the bible, Erasmus he promoted his own beliefs and interpretation of what he thought the bible should be. In addition to writing this New Testament, he also wrote In Praise of Folly in 1511. This work was simply an exposé of the Catholic Church. Later a man by the name of Martin Luther would follow closely in his footsteps. Martin Luther was an ordinary man who decided to become a monk. In doing so, he found many things wrong with the church. He did not agree with the sale of indulgences, the fact that mass was only in Latin, and the priestly authority; that the priests were the only ones that could communicate with God. He then wrote a series of problem that he found within the Catholic Church named 95 Theses. There then came the protestant doctrine, which later...
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