How Did the Counterculture Movement Change America During the 1960's?

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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American History: Internal Assessment

Max Gander

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How did the Counterculture movement change America during the 1960's?

A. Plan of Investigation

How did the Counterculture movement change America during the 1960's? The focus of this study is purely on how the Vietnam war changed the culture in America during the 1960's and how people and their views changed throughout the war. I will evaluate the musical influence that moved this cultured through the 1960's and would change the world forever. I will analyze the effect that the War had on many people throughout the United States. This was the time that the Counter Culture movement came into full swing, being most known as the decade of “Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll”. As American children begin to mature during this time many of them created their own world. I will analyze this topic and talk about the effect the Vietnam War and Counter Culture movement had on the country.

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B. Summery of Evidence

Life in America during the 1950's was often described as somewhat sterile, orderly, and convenient.The media made this time period out to look like families were happy and joyous , when in reality it was time of stressed out families in the pursuit of the suburban dream life. The children of these families began to reject the lifestyles and values that their parents lead. As these children matured the 60's began and this was the beginning of the counterculture movement. These children matured and began to make their own counter culture, consisting of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. The violence in Vietnam inspired these kids. They grew tired of it and wanted to spread peace and love. These times were characterized by passionate idealists seeking peace and a more loving world, dangerous radicals fomenting revolution, as well as non-conformists refusing to live by the laws in America. Some of these people were on ending the Vietnam war, Civil rights, or starting a new...
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