How Did Stalin Become Head of State

Topics: Left-wing politics, Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin Pages: 2 (874 words) Published: March 2, 2011
How/why did Stalin become head of state?
After Lenin’s death in 1924, everyone thought Trotsky, the brilliant leader of the red army would become leader, especially as Lenin left a Testament saying that Stalin was dangerous and a ‘grey blur’ and should be dismissed, but Stalin schemed his way into power, using his position as General Secretary as well as using a serious of ruthless political moves, devious tactics, the weakness of opposition, his own strengths, party weakness’ and factors out of his control. Party weakness helped Stalin become head of state as the Politburo was divided into two halves. The left wing, Zinoviev, Trotsky and Kamenev, they wanted to end the NEP , new economic policy, where farmers were allowed to sell food on the open market and go for a rapid industrialisation, the right wing , Bukharin ‘the golden boy’ wanted to continue with the NEP and encourage peasants to become richer, allowing industry to grow at a normal rate. This helped Stalin because of his central views that looked after both sides’ opinions, he changed his views depending on public opinion which consequently allowed him and helped him to build up support, although his job seemed unimportant with his central view he was able to move his supporters into key poison, thus further consolidating his power base as people where not suspicious of him. Stalin used a number of tactics to gain control, he exploited his opponents making them admit errors publicly, this helped him as it made Stalin look like the better member of the party, he also made sure the public saw the photograph of himself and Lenin to try and show the people of Russia the support he gave Lenin when he was ill and to show his support from Lenin, which later turned out to fake. He also exploited favourite Trotsky by telling Trotsky the wrong data of Lenin’s funeral, this was a successful tactic because most people already disliked Trotsky as they believed he was to big-headed. Missing Lenin’s funeral made...
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