How Did Mass Media Influence Adolescents and Children in the Last Ten Years?

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  • Published : May 6, 2008
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1. Introduction
Until the mid of the last century most adolescents spend their free time together with adults and monitor the behavior and activities of this social group. Therefore adolescents get the abilities they need in society to get well-integrated. Until that time parents, brothers, sisters and relatives were the most important examples for adolescents and children. After the Increasing of technology and globalization mostly everything changed. New Media were created and they not only changed the manufacturing process but also the quality and size of products. This had effects on the social behavior and relationships of young people. The media which influenced the life of mankind the most are mass media like television and internet. It is acquainted that TV was introduced in the 40s in the United States of America. Today TV and internet is a big part in the life of many adolescents but also in the life of many adults apart from their financial and social status. Furthermore the media fascinates children with the mixture of technology, creativity and possibilities. Many adolescents want to have a job in the media-branch because they dream to be on TV and many of them have the desire of being the next Madonna. Because of that development the question arises how mass media influenced the Youth Culture in the last ten years. To answer this question I first explain the term mass media in general. Then it is important to differentiate the types of media. I will go into detail and explain the terms print media and electronic media. After that I will concentrate on the influence and effects of television on adolescents and the relation between violence and television. Accordingly I will explain the influences of internet on adolescents and children with all its risks concerning online gaming. Finally I will conclude by saying what influences both mass media can have and what should be done to avoid negative influences on adolescents or children. (Jenkins 2006: 25-35)

2. Types of media

2.1 Mass media
We experience every day how much information we have to handle. Media are a part of your every day life. They can be differentiated between different media types. On the one hand there are print media like newspapers. On the other hand there are electronic media. An example for electronic media is television or internet. Nowadays many people use the internet every day to check their e-mails or to get information they would otherwise not get from other media. Television is a mass medium which is very often used by people not only to get information but also to have entertainment after a hardworking day. It is a good possibility to relax in front the TV set. The term mass media nowadays stands for television and the internet. In the first part of the twentieth century the radio was the most important medium to deliver information. Before the radio was the most important medium the newspaper was the most important way to get information. Besides the form of a public speech which today does not play a big role anymore you can separate the different modern mass media in two different groups: print media and electronic media. Besides the different technical requirements print media and electronic media have differences in the Usage. (Neuber 1993: 7-11)

2.2 Print media
Print media are also very often called the classical media. They are sources of information that are printed. It is very complex to produce a newspaper and requires extensive resources. Because of that a product occurs that is available for the reader at any place and at any time. That means the consumer can buy a newspaper whenever he wants to and can read it when he feels like reading. Furthermore the newspaper offers a lot of choices to the reader. He can choose between different topics or articles like for example sports or economy at the same time. However in reality the cover or front page is the most important factor to convince the reader but in...
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