How Did Economic Growth Compare In France and Indonesia From 1980-2010

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  • Published: September 24, 2013
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This paper analyses the economic growth in France and Indonesia over the period of 30 years whilst exploiting similarities and differences in data and theory of the two economies. Firstly the demographics of both France and Indonesia are analysed to introduce the two countries in a bit more depth to the reader. This will be followed by four key concepts, out of ten possibilities presented by Schramm (2011), carefully chosen to develop similarities and differences relative to economic growth between the two countries. Economic freedom between the two countries is compared to see whether this has had any impact on the economic growth within the two regions. The role of entrepreneurship will then be analysed to further develop the comparison and bring together more data. Furthermore technological progress is another key concept, which alongside the concept of investment opportunities presented in France and Indonesia.

Keywords: France, Indonesia, Entrepreneurship, Economic growth, Technological progress, investment, Economic freedom, Key concept

How Did Economic Growth Compare In France and Indonesia From 1980-2010 and To What Extent Do Technological Progress, Entrepreneurship, Investment and Economic Freedom Explain Any Differences Or Similarities In Economic Growth? In the past and present day there have been many economic researchers studying economic growth in a variety of different combinations of economies around the world. There is not only one way to analyse economic growth, however the gross domestic product is commonly adopted. Gdp, short for gross domestic product, is the total amount of goods and services produced by the country in one year. Gdp growth can occur most simply when the amount of goods and services a country produces is increased, or a growth in gdp could be the result of an increase in the prices of produce. Factors like an increase in the price of produce which lead to increasing the total...
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