How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson?

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How Democratic was Andrew Jackson?
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Andrew Jackson was the first person from the West to be elected as member of the senate and later a president of United States. He was also a war hero of the Battle of New Orleans in the war of 1812 against the British. As president he destroyed the charter of the Bank of the United States by abusing his veto power. But the reason the people consider him a "Democratic" is because he granted his supporters, friends, and illiterate farmers; most of the population, with public office just so he could win their support. I don't much consider him a Democratic, more like a person who violated the constitution and people's rights many times. For Example, In the case of Maryland v McCuloch the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the National Bank was constitutional, regardless of any laws, "King Andrew I" ruled the country the way he saw fit. These are only some reasons out of tons of reasons why Jackson wasn’t democratic.

Jackson was a giant liar and he also abused his powers during his presidency. Jackson didn’t believe in the democracy that was set before his presidency. He thought that the president, congress, national bank, and the supreme court should listen to and follow the wishes of the people. In Document 3 the cartoon “KING ANDREW THE FIRST” it says that he abused his powers because people thought of him as a king and kings do whatever they want, like vetoing the National Bank. "The Bank is trying to kill me but I will kill it" Jackson said. In document 4 it says, “…The present Bank of the United States...enjoys exclusive privileges of banking …almost a monopoly of the foreign and domestic exchanges.” This was one of the reasons why Jackson didn’t like the National Bank.

Jackson never considered Native Americans as potential citizens. This is why he didn’t care when he forced the Indians to move out of their native land. The Native Americans wanted to stay, in document 9 it...
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