How Debt and Going to Community College Has an Effect on People

Topics: Higher education, College, High school Pages: 4 (1081 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Jordan Crawford
Ross Wastvedt
The Effect Debt and Community College has on Students
For all college students or graduated college students who are in debt, do you ask yourself was the education worth all the money that has to be paid back? It was beneficial for those who played sports or got into school off of scholarships, but not to those who got in to college and had to take out numerous loans to make it through all the years they needed to graduate with a degree they wanted. But due to the debt, most people end up dropping out of school to get a job to pay off these debts. In this paper, I will be comparing many authors’ viewpoints when it comes to debt and how the authors are dealing with it, then also my perspective on college debt.

The first standpoint comes from the article "Too many Credits? Jenna Robinson says There Are." Robinson states that "Higher education costs today have lots of debates and different arguments.” (Robinson) We hear a lot about how the government supports public institutions, student loan debt, rising tuition and fees, and the expensive book prices (Robinson).Robinson mentions that the government should now eliminate tax credits for education that try to lighten the financial burden for college students and their families also. In "It’s Well Past Time to Slash Higher Education Subsidies," Robinson argues that the American Opportunity Tax Credit should be terminated (Robinson). While Robinson discusses the cost of education, Andrew and Claudia discuss the quality of education.

In Are Colleges worth the Price of Admission by Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus, Hacker and Dreifus discuss the rising costs of college and the weakening quality of education in those colleges. They give several steps that they think colleges should take to make themselves worth the money that they charge. They suggest that students should be encouraged to pursue liberal arts majors, and that professors should attempt to reach all...
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