How Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Are Related?

Topics: Marketing, Balance sheet, Asset Pages: 24 (5469 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Institute of technology
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Business plan on Mobile Accessory Selling

Group Members ID No 1 Rebuma Yadasa 00667/02
2 Shiferaw Tegen 00713/02
3 Peteros Tona 00662/02 4 Siraj Ahmed 00724/02 5 Sadik Awol 00675/02

First of all we would like to thank God who helps us in all cases. Next to God we would like to thank our instructor Mr.Chalchissa Amentie for his assistance by giving a sample to do this project and as well for his haring his knowledge on Entrepreneurship. These not only for this projects it also help us in our life. Also we would like to thank our department (Computer Science) that offers us to teach this subject that has fruitful ideas for future life to create our own business and also to create opportunity for other person.

Table of Contents
Executive Summaryv
Brief profile of the entrepreneurv
Project’s contribution to the economyvi
Chapter One1
1. Sales and Marketing1
1.1 The Products1
1.2 Competitors1
1.3 Location3
1.4 Market area3
1.5 Market Segmentation3
1.6 Total demand4
1.7 Market share5
1.8 Selling price5
1.9 Sales Forecast6
1.10 Promotion measures8
1.11 Marketing Strategy8
1.12 Marketing budget10
Chapter two11
2. Production11
2. 1 Production Process11
2.2 Fixed Capital11
2.3 Life of fixed capitals12
2.4 Maintenance and repairs12
2.5 Source of Equipment12
2.6 Planed capacity13
2.7 Future capacity13
2.8 Terms and conditions of purchase of Equipment13
2.9 Factory location and layout13
2.10 Labor13
2.11 Cost of labor13
2.12 Labor availability14
2.13 Labor productivity14
2.14 Factory overhead Expenses14
2.15 Production cost15
Chapter Three16
3. Organizations and Management16
3.1 Form of Business16
3.2 Organizational Structure16
3.3 Business experience and qualifications of the entrepreneur17
3.4 Pre-Operation Activities17
3.5 Pre- Operation Expenses18
3.6 Office equipment18
3.7 Administrative Expense19
Chapter Four20
4 Financial Plan20
4.1 Project cost20
4.1.1 Fixed assets20
4.1.2 Pre-Operation Expense……20
4.1.3 Working Capital20
4.2 Financing plan and loan Requirement21
4.3 security for loan21
4.4 Profit and loss statement21
4.5 Cash flow statement22
4.6 Balance sheet23
4.7 Loan Repayment schedule24
4.8 Break –even Point (BEP)25
4.9 Return on Investment (ROI)26

Executive Summary

RABBIRRA Mobile Accessory Center is small Business that will start as a private in 2013.The aim of our business organization is to give service for society by giving mobile accessory nearer to them. This document outlines RABBIRRA Mobile Accessory Center operational, marketing, The firm is located in west showa in Gedo town. This small business proposed to serve society by fulfilling their consent as much as possible. After fife year we would like to open other branches near Gedo in IluGalan, Mida and Gudar to increase our revenue in the next year. At these places there will be so many customers that need the service we are going to give for since technology is extremely expanded as a world. So there will be so many users who use this small business organization. Brief profile of the entrepreneur

The entrepreneurs are Mr. Rebuma Yadasa, Shiferaw Tegen, Peteros Tona, Sirag Ahimad and Sadik Awol . We all entrepreneurs are getting to get BSC degree in computer science from Jimma University. We took varies major and common course during the 4 years program. Some of the major courses are advanced programming, object oriented programming, fundamental of database system, Internet programming, advanced database system, computer graphics, data...
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