How Corporal Colin Sterling Saved Blossom, Alberta, and Most of the Rest of the World as Well

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  • Published : October 22, 2006
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How Corporal Colin Sterling Saved Blossom, Alberta, and Most of the Rest of the World as Well

By Thomas King

Knowing the author, the story has something to do with native people. Corporal Colin Sterling is probably a non-racist police officer, surrounded by racist police officers or citizens. I think Corporal Sterling will save the world figuratively, not literally.

I came pretty close. The story had everything and anything to do with natives. It started with people being racist, hurtful, and mean to natives; even confusing them with wolves. Officer Sterling treats everyone as an equal; citizens of Canada should all be treated the same, and Corporal sterling enforces it the way he should.

The corporal and myself both enjoy doughnuts, although he enjoys them quite a bit more than I do. A lot of people in the story seem to be racist towards natives. I'm not comparing myself to a racist person; I'm saying I know a lot of racist people.

I sort of caught on to some inferences in the story, sadly not all of them. When the natives were paralyzed, and the people wanted to stack them in the warehouse for "safe keeping" (out of sight, out of mind), this could represent putting them on reserves. The people were saying how easily stackable they are; how they can easily be put in reserves. The natives were paralyzed; that could symbolize how some natives don't do anything for themselves: money/land from the government, or how they're treated as different and are unable to speak up for what they want: they couldn't say that they didn't want to be stacked in the warehouse. Corporal Sterling represents the law, and how the law should protect each and every Canadian citizen the same, not considering race, color, or sex.

A couple things in this story confused me, and I'm wondering why were there blue coyotes? Could it have something to do with a...
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