How Condon Usage Among Teenagers Have Change over the Years

Topics: HIV, Sexual intercourse, AIDS Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: April 13, 2013
How Condom Usage among American Teenagers Have Changed over the Years. A teenager who does foolish things because his friends do them too and is aware that he should not but does not want to stop is an example of how people make decisions that are not the best. “The New Face of HIV is Young, Black, Despite the Risks, Unsafe Behavior Goes on, Doctor Find”, written by Lisa Frazier in 2000, states that most teenagers are having intercourse without using condoms, even though they know the risks. “Condom Use is Highest for Young, Study Finds”, written by Roni Rabin in 2010, states how teenagers have gained awareness about using condoms leading to the increase in the percentage of teenage condom usage. These two articles show how condom usage and the knowledge among American teenagers have changed over the years. According to Frazier, many sexually active teenagers did not think about using condoms when they were going to have sex. As Dicki, a girl that was being interviewed said, “All of my friends are sexually active too, and none of them uses condoms all the time” (Frazier). In 2000, teenagers knew about the wisdom of using one, but they didn’t put it into practice. The article by Roni Rabin, contends that condom usage became the norm for sexually active teenagers from ages 14 to 17 in 2010. As the results of a report on it reiterates, 80 percent of boys and 69 percent of girls claimed they had used a condom for their most recent sexual experience (Rabin). This shows that teenagers gained awareness about the benefits of using condoms. Also, Dr. J. Dennis Fotonberry, a professor of pediatrics at Indiana University points out that when teenagers get at a certain age, they are going to expect to have sex, but also they are going to do it using condoms. He says, “There’s the same general widespread sense among contemporary teenagers that as you get to the point where you start thinking about having sex, condoms are going to be part of that decision” (Rabin). With this...
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