How Community Benefits Teens

Topics: Adolescence, Young adult, Want Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: April 16, 2013
How community benefits teenagers

One hand---Teens need for independence, a separate identity, testing authority. Need friends and peers instead of parents to around of them. Another hand---Teens need to be guided and supervised properly So community center is a great place for teens

1. Teenager is a sensitive phase of grown up. Teens are full of energy and ambitious, too much confidence, rebel oriented, prefer to take adventure. They want to explode the world on their own without any advice or supervision from adults. 2. But they are not matured well enough to tell what’s right out of wrong, to self control themselves to make correct decision of what they need out of what they want, especially they are so easily to be influenced impulsively by peers whenever it goes to the limitation 3. It is community’s responsibility to provide places and services for teenagers. Services like library & learning center, sports and entertainments, volunteers and P/T jobs would definitely benefit all kinds of teens with different interests and needs. 4. All programs set up in community center are healthy, positive, secured, and under supervised. 5. It would be better if community could provide teens with an adequate space of their own; have designated staff who are professionally trained to serve teens; sponsor services, programming, and activities to address teen’s interest or needs; to include teens in creating their own spaces, services, resources and programs 6. Community is a small condensed society. Teenagers can learn how to socialize people and peers. They won’t feel alone and they could practice their skills to help people over there. 7. For the library and learning center, need more dedicated space, better computers, fast connections, and bigger as well better youth adult collections. 8. For sports & entertaining, community center should think about having some sponsor services, programming and activities that address...
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