How Communication Affects Organizational Leadership

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How Communication Affects Organizational Leadership,
Motivation, and Commitment
Within any organization the elements of leadership, motivation, and workforce commitment are inextricably meshed with the effectiveness of communication. Organizations develop their respective cultures through communication among leadership and with all employees, regarding their mission, values, and goals (Robbins & Judge, 2007). Formal and informal leaders within organizations use communication to motivate others, and to create loyal and trustworthy employees. Such an organization is Southwest Airlines, whose company culture has been characterized over the years by unique leadership and communications styles (Schnoberger, 1992). Leadership Styles and Group Communication

Heads of companies such as Southwest Airlines develop their own style leadership styles, and these styles greatly affect how communication is conducted within the organization (Robbins & Judge, 2007). The leader of any group, whether it is a small workgroup or a large firm, will put his or her imprint on that group from the very beginning. This may be accomplished by making motivational speeches or by setting an example as the role model of expected work ethic. Robbins and Judge discuss several types of leadership styles, including charismatic, inspirational, and transactional approaches (2007). Each of these styles can be very effective, with some being more appropriate than others in varying types of organizations.

For instance, a transactional leader exhibits a more traditional leadership style, where observation of rules and norms are emphasized, with punishment and reward being the motivators (Robbins & Judge, 2007). This style of leadership may inhibit free expression amongst employees and within groups when communicating, as there may be no benefit seen in taking risks. Transactional leaders tend to be task-oriented and linear in their thinking, and may inadvertently discourage effective communication...
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