How Colour Affects Memory

Topics: Long-term memory, Term, Short-term memory Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Analysis and Discussion:

Group 1 has the same average as Group 3 for the short-term memory retention. Group 2 and Group 3 have the highest long-term memory retention because they both had colours, which made participants in those groups remember more dates. Group 1 is unusual because short-term memory is higher than long-term memory. Group 2 compared to Group 1 has higher short-term memory retention and higher long-term memory retention than Group 1 in fact the short-term memory is equal to the long-term memory in Group 2. Group 3 compared to Group 1 has the same value for short-term memory to Group 1 but for long term memory retention Group 3 has a higher value than Group 1 this is due to the colours used when I was doing tests for this group. When I looked at the raw results for all Groups I noticed that more people remembered all the dates in Group 2 and

Group 3 and I think the reason is due to the colours that were used and how these participants associated some colours with emotions, which made them remember more dates. What is also impressive about these results is that long-term memory retention improved when colour was used (i.e. in Group 2 and Group 3). This means that when studying for exams you can use random colours or a trend in colours associated with what emotions are stirred in an individual at mere sight of a certain colour. In Group 2 people remembered the dates that had to do with wars because the colour red was associated with them so this colour obviously stirred emotions in these participants that they related to war (i.e. blood that is shed during war is red).
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