How Color Influence Recall?

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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One of the most influential aspects on the quality of our lives iscolor. We use our perception ofcolor every day. Withoutcolor we could not see traffic signalsor enjoy sunsets, and learning techniques would be much moredifficult. Color is an importantfunction that signals and helps facilitate perceptual organization.Memory color is a phenomenon in which an object's characteristiccolor influences our perception of itscolor. The study of what colors willmaximize memorization skills is important for many reasons. Humanbeings rely on color to keep order inour lives. Traffic signals, warning signs, and many other signalsrequire perception of color in order tobe effective. Without the use of colorour world would become chaotic. Finding thecolors that are most effective onmemorization would increase safety and order in our lives. Also,finding the colors that best stimulatememorization could increase study skills in students, especiallythose with learning disabilities. The use of memory color could alsobe used in areas of business such as retail to optimize sales byusing colors that are most familiar topeople, and will therefore grab their attention. Furthering the studyof the effect of color on memory wouldbe beneficial in many areas. Our lives are kept in order by numerous signs, signals, anddevices that provide instruction and precautions. We are constantlyadapting these devices in ways that will increase our awareness oftheir function. Naor (2001) found that color knowledge interacts withobject representation in many levels, depending upon the access levelthat is triggered by the stimulus. Therefore, using colors in signsand signals that are more familiar to people would increase theeffectiveness of the devices. A red STOPsign stimulates color knowledge and aids in our recognition ofthe object and it's function. Traffic lights are another example ofcolor knowledge interacting with object representation. The color redis a symbol to STOP, yellow is a symbolto SLOW, and...
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