How College Will Impact Future

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  • Published : April 23, 2012
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“How I believe my college education will impact my future.”

Many people believe that education stops at the end of a high school career, but I believe differently. Going to college is an unbelievable opportunity and will not only further my education, but will also further my future. Without a college degree a person cannot live as successfully as they could with one. An education is extremely important to me and will help me make a major difference in the world.

One reason a higher education will further my future is that having a college degree will bring in a higher income. A college degree will help me acquire a well-paying job like a Radiologic Technologist, which is what I plan to be in a few years. I have a huge desire to help people, to help others, and going to school will put me in the direction I need to go. Many businesses today only hire people who have a college degree or have a lot of experience in that specific field. A business owner will most likely hire the individual with a college degree rather than the one with a lesser education. A college education will impact my future in many ways, but being financially set is something I truly look forward to.

Going to college will not only provide me with the steps to a well-paying job, but will also provide me with the satisfaction of affecting my family now, and in the future. Having a college education is something that I want to share with my children. Being a role model for something as simple as just going to college is mind blowing. Having a college degree will help me financially support myself, and the rest of my family, and who could ask for more? College is the best solution to a happy future. A college education will impact all of my future decisions like, what house to buy or what house I can afford, what vehicle I would like to drive, and even the smallest decision like where to grocery shop. With college experience I am able to achieve bigger and better things.

In conclusion,...
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