How College Changed Me

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How College Changed Me
Starting a new chapter in my life by coming to college has given me the opportunities to have many new great experiences. It has changed my life for the better more than for the worst. I would not change my decision about coming to college for anything in this world. It made be become a more responsible person, made me become a better softball player, and has also made my attitude so much better.

College made me become more responsible in many different ways that I could only imagine in the past. One way it has made me become more responsible is by helping me mange my time better and also be on time to places. Being on time is a huge thing for me now. In high school and my younger years I really could care less about being on time or worry about being late to a class or an event. College has really opened my eyes and has given me the patience to learn that being on time is a very important role and it shows a lot about a person. Also responsibility has helped me manage my money and how I spend it. Before I came to college I would spend my money on whatever, when ever. It has really taught me not to be so care free with my money. I am glad that I have became more with responsible throughout my first year at college. College has really helped me be on top of the little most important situations better.

Coming to college and being a college athlete has been a more than a dream come true for me and as well for my parents. I can honestly say that playing softball at the college level had helped me learn more about the game. Even though I have been playing softball all my life, I have learned many new in and out of the game. Playing at the college level has made be become a better fielder, batter, runner, teammate, and just all around better player. I do not think I would have had any better of an opportunity to play college softball any where else. Being...
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