How Changes of the Socio-Cultural Environment Gave Rise to Different Artistic Interpretations

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How changes of the Socio-Cultural Environment Gave Rise to Different Artistic Interpretations

by Géczi Kristóf

HOW Changes of the Socio-Cultural Environment Gave Rise to Different Artistic Interpretations1



Chapter one: Social Cultural Environments in Art through Periods5

Chapter two: Pietro Lorenzetti versus Carlo Maria Mariani6




Art is supposed to be a form of communication in different communities; but one thing which is evident in all forms of art is that there is a kind of appeal; whether message attachment or general attractiveness. This is supposed to be the focus on all forms of art; however, some of the arts of different times focus different and notably, the painting of the present world; that is, the 20th and 21st centuries are more of aesthetic value than the message.I wanted the forms of painting in Italy of the 14th century and the 20th century.


The western art has come along way and there are notable differences between different kinds of art in different periods of time. It means that generally we can say that the kind of art that was in the 14th century is not the same form of art that was in the 20th or 21st century. In this paper, the concentration is on painting as a form of art and how this has changed from the medieval times; specifically 14th century to the 20th century in Italy, and how major painters in the two centuries differ on the forms of art that they present in this field of visual arts. In this paper, the discussion centers on two famous painters in Italy; Pietro Lorenzetti of the 14th century and Carlo Maria Mariani of the 20th century art. The focus is on the changes in social cultural developments between their forms of painting.

Chapter one: Social Cultural Environments in Art through Periods

In Italy, the kind of art that existed in the 14th century was of gothic style and had great details and elaboration. Specifically, painting carried high forms of gothic style and was noted to be of great details and elaboration in order to present the church’s power. However, the kind of art then cannot be simply compared to the ones that are in the present day. The kind of social culture environments that existed during the 14th century was that which had realism in it; that is, the country Italy was on its path of success and therefore, there was high need to put across messages emphasized in this form of development. As well, the painters during these times preoccupied themselves with the problems that clobbered the people during those times. However, greatly, the art of famous people of the caliber of Pietro Lorenzetti tried to put the emphasis of development in certain areas; for example, the essence of developing pathos or the tragic eloquence. This kind of representation cuts across the whole world where the form of environment present at a particular time can influence the forms of politics and arts being done. (Hyman, 2003)

This is totally different from the kind of art that was present during the 20th century where, the kind of social cultural influence that exist were that concerned the political revolutions and Christianity in Italy. The kind of art that is in the present world is that which emphasizes on impressionism; and this is a kind of art that helped pioneer the utilization of light in the paintings, and this is in the attempts of capturing the light as can be seen from the perspective of a human eye. This form of art is represented by the likes of Carlo Maria Mariani of the 20th century, and the way this art looks like, they appear more to have three dimensional look. This means that the way the 20th century art and painting in this case is totally differ from the way they appear and more so, the social cultural influences are different. While the art of the 14th century was more on the development aspects, the 20th...
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