How Change is Important to Grow

Topics: Change, Grammatical person, Narrator Pages: 5 (1920 words) Published: December 17, 2012
The area of study: change, has helped me deepened my understanding on the different forms of change and how change can affect people in different way. During my study of Tim Winton’s book “The Turning” and Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror ”,I have learnt that change is important in order for a person to grow and can take many forms in any aspect of our lives. Tim Winton’s Big World has helped me understand a new face of change. The change in the story is about the changing relationship between the narrator and his best friend Biggie and the narrator’s own outlook it in life. Winton expresses the idea of their changing relationship through secrecy, loyalty, sacrifice and betrayal and elucidates the principle of relationship by utilising the style of inner monologues, antithesis, foretelling, symbolism, flash forwarding and the use of the constant changing environment to illustrate and to epitomize the change in characters. Secrets help characterise the narrator in the story and display although there are sacrifices in relationships, there can also be selfishness. The use of inner monologue and antithesis is employed to portray the selfishness and sacrifices. The contrast between the ambitions that he has concealed from Biggie and the hopelessness he feels is demonstrated when the narrator says, “I really thought I’d be moving back this month. But I won’t after blowing off my exams”. As the narrator feels his future to be gone, his thoughts and feelings were mirrored on how he sees his environment. He described the beaches of Angelus as seeming to “turn the colour of dirty tin”. The antithesis between hope and despair summarize that relationships can be emotionally and psychologically fluctuating for the person making sacrifices or morally obliged to give up their future plans for the short time enjoyment of companionship that is demonstrated when Tim Winton switches from the present to the future tense: “I’m laughing. I’m kicking the dash”. Loyalty is the key part of the relationship between the narrator and Biggie, although it can be one sided. Throughout the story there is no mention of Biggie repaying the loyalty and sacrifice of the narrator, “Biggie couldn’t give a damn”. But this wasn’t all Biggie’s fault; the narrator enjoys being more superior and using this superiority to feel secure, to feel better about himself and to comfort his ego. He has realised that this type of friendship has a very delicate nature that is easily destroyed; to have a strong foundation of friendship two parties should make sacrifices for it to work. Winton applied foretelling and symbolism to show the fragility of the narrator and Biggie’s friendship and its eventual end. The burning kite serves as a sign of the end of their friendship. The demise of the relationship is symbolised by the car exploding and further extended when the narrator says “...the whole thing could blow up at any moment and everything we own is inside.” As the relationship deepened and changes, he describes his realization to be “spiralling orange and pink against the night sky”, the reflections of his emotions and indicates that all the sacrifices the narrator made, are on fire until the friendship will reach its inevitable end.

Betrayal is the catalyst for the changing relationship between Biggie and the narrator. It’s the theme that concludes the whole story of change. Winton used the language technique of foretelling to show Biggie’s betrayal in the future and will lead to the end of their friendship, “In a week Biggie and Meg will blow me off in Broome” this sense of betrayal was shown when the narrator describes the country as “the further we go the redder it gets” to show that he is “totally pissed off”. It was already doomed from the start, the narrator has been using Biggie for self purposes of self-security and sees that in the relationship between Meg and Biggie, “It’s me all over. It’s how I am with him and it’s not pretty”. The inner change...
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