How Cell Phones Have Changed Us

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Cell phones, have they changed us socially? I see a lot of people on the phone all the time and I believe they have changed us because now just about everywhere you go there is sign instructing you not to be on your cell phone while ordering or conduct any type of transaction. Now that cell phones have evolved so much that we now longer have to sit at home to receive calls or to check emails. You can plan appointments and make schedules. Even have alarms go off when a upcoming appointment is within the hour. Since the rise of cell phones a lot of people don’t write letters. We as a people tend to send text messages. And have come up with a texting language and this new thing called emotion cons. Technology is always changing and now cell phones have come such a long way with it. You now don’t have to wait to get to the office or home to check your e-mail. You can set it up to come directly to you phone. Cell phones are taking away from the old-fashioned conversation because now you don’t have to talk on the phone you can send a quick text message. Text messages have their own language. Now with evolving technology of cell phones people no longer write a letter, have a home phone, or just do anything that we use to have had to do as far as communication. I love my cell phone but I still have a home phone. I make it business too log into my computer to check my e-mail. At least I try not to have my life revolve around my cell phone.
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