How Catholic Charities Feeds the Homeless

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How Catholic Charities Feeds the Homeless
Danita Wright
American Inter-Continental University

How Catholic Charities Feeds the Homeless Everyday catholic Charities delivers meals to over 1,000 elderly adults. For 7 days a week hot and cold meals are prepared by hand to be delivered to the elderly person’s doorstep. This means that this population gets a total of 14 meals a week, 98 meals a month and over 1, 000 meals a year. Catholic Charities has been doing this for 2 years at the location I work and the contract is 5 years long. Every person plays a part in order for the meal to make it to our consumers. The day is divided into 2 shifts. At 4 a.m. the first shift arrives, they prepare the food for bulk deliveries that are provided for the senior citizen establishments. They prepare meat, vegetables, and a starch that are put into large foil pans individually and are heated to be hot when they arrive. The drivers put meals on a truck into what we call “cambros”, they personally stay and serve the meals to each consumer’s room. These meals also come with cold packs that have 2 milks, juice, bread and eating utensils. The bulk deliveries also breakfast foods that include sausage or bacon with pancakes, waffles or eggs. These are frozen and they are also heated to be served to the consumers. After the meals have left the building this shift prepares for the next day.

At 10:00 a.m., the next shift arrives. This is the shift that prepares the individual meals for the Department of Aging. The first meal we prepare is the lunch. This is done a day in advance so we can efficiently use or time to tweak the details and prepare for food shortages or menu changes. We man the assembly line and the first person counts the tray so that we know that we have an accurate count to the meal. On the table there are the meats, starch and a vegetable that we put...
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