How Carefully Do You Think Someone Else Cares About Our Privacy?

Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: December 13, 2012
How carefully do you think someone else cares about our privacy? A lot of people in this days talk about privacy. Everyone wants to have there privacy and people want to be anonymous everywhere they go. In almost any official papers you sign you have a note written that you accept the privacy terms and conditions. A lot of people take this papers and just sign them even without reading the annotation. I think not a lot of people care about our privacy or in other words, at least I do not believe in privacy. Over 1 billion users are active on their accounts on well known social networks. Well nothing is wrong with it, but a lot of this place private information on this accounts for example their name, surname, phone number, political orientation and no actually cares about who is allowed to read it. Everyone things that only a few friends will be able to read what they have posted and even if it would be true that only friends a lot of the people would be well surprised who is in their friends. A lot of time people accept accidentally accepted or people which this person saw once or twice and make friends on facebook. The next problem is that if only people that are our “friends” could see what we post it would be really good, while unfortunately social network's privacy terms and conditions are very strict. If you read through the privacy condition you can basically short of the about twenty pages of terms in to one sentence Social networks can record and access all information you share on a social network . Well this means that for example when you post something it may be sold, for example in America and Europe there where a few cases in which Facebook sold all the data collected to a company that wanted to discover more about a certain person. This case perfectly shows that privacy is very hard to control. Returning to different surveys and other staff where you give data it is very easy to loose control over your privacy. Let's say you want to go to a...
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