How Can Wendy's Overtake Burger King

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How Can Wendy's Overtake Burger King

By | November 2012
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The news of Wendy’s pulling ahead of Burger King is quite impressive given the fact that Burger King has many more restaurants than Wendy’s — in fact, it has nearly double the approximately 7,000 locations that Wendy’s does. While Wendy’s seems to be on the upswing, Burger King has fallen behind in recent years as it has struggled to fight off declining same-restaurant sales in the United States. Burger King, which was purchased by 3G Capital in 2010, also sacked its creepy-looking mascot, “The Burger King”, in an attempt to refresh its brand image. However, it would seem that Burger King has a long way to go to get back into the fight with McDonald’s and Wendy’s both posting extremely encouraging data about the health of their domestic businesses. Wendy’s credits its consistent focus on quality and its recent effort to market premium burgers, such as “Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Burger” and The “W”, for its surge in sales. Along with their revamped menu selection, Wendy’s also began a large rollout of renovations to its stores to give them a more modern look and feel, a move they feel will help attract new customers to dine inside their locations. To the once high and mighty Burger King, it all comes down to focus.  During the mid 2000's, whenever this shift of power began, Burger King shifted it's focus on ads, creating a new version of their King mascot.  During this same time, Wendy's decided to focus instead on their food, and make their product better.  This increased market share can most likely be attributed to Wendy’s focus on premium foods and the remodeling of its restaurants. This focus on premium foods, such as the Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburgers, which were introduced this year, has allowed Wendy’s to rebrand itself as “a cut above” rivals, rather than “a McDonald’s clone.” As it turns out, in an ironic twist, whenever you own a restaurant, the food matters most. The rivals have been close before in the burger wars. According to Technomic, a market...

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