How Can Our Government Provide Liberty and Justice for All?

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  • Published : December 7, 2008
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The mission of the United States government is to provide liberty and justice, which in turn leads to tranquility, prosperity, and happiness. The founders of the United States wrote up the Constitution to try to fulfill this task and build a better nation. Ever since the creation of the government, laws, amendments, and bills have been passed and rejected. All created by the federal, state, and local governments to aid in the creation of a better tomorrow for the country. As the law is laid down in this country, every person in the populace either chooses to abide by the laws or ignore them. The dilemma is that people have different opinions and interpretations on laws that are created. Leading too many heated arguments which eventually had to allow for bloodshed to end the dispute. These clashes ranged from land and moral disputes, the greatest ones leading to the Civil War. Other arguments disputed the education, job, and voting rights of African Americans, immigrants, and women. Our government however has braved these disputes and in the end provided the liberty and justice it promised. In today’s time, the government still upholds the constitution that brings democracy to the land. But now, the big question is how we can keep liberty and justice there in modern times, without intruding on the rights of Americans. Since 1787, America’s democracy has strengthened not only the inhabitants of the country but has influenced other countries to follow in our footsteps and let democracy flourish over them. These nations range from France, Australia, Brazil, and Russia which all have allowed democracy in and have benefited from its presence. With the power that democracy holds, this country should preserve it and continue to better its principals. As these principals are improved, this increases the possibility of a greater liberty and justice. The government must continue to not intervene in the lives of Americans when not called upon, so as to have total liberty....
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