How Can Music Help Kids Understand Math and Science?

Topics: Musical notation, Learning, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: February 9, 2011
How can music help children understand math and science? All on its own, music is made up of math and physics. Because it is already made up of mathematical components, it can be used to understand math concepts. For example, a half note can help to explain fractions to younger kids. You can say things like a half not plus a half note equals a whole note. This method may help younger kids that are just learning to use fractions. Music can also help with complex Algebra problems for older kids. Some of the greatest works have been composed entirely of math equations. Kids usually fall into the category of either an AS learner (Auditory-sequential) or a VSK learner (Visual spatial kinesthetic). An AS learner can be described as someone that is sensitive to sounds, structured patterns, logic, order, sequence, and words. These types of people are the ones that would benefit from listening to music and studying. They may make connections between the music they are listening to and the material they are studying. For example, if a song that they studied with plays over in their head while they are taking the test, they would remember that material which they studied while listening to that song. VSK learners have the skills of sensitivity to the physical, spatial, and temporal state of objects, concepts or images, while learning. They see the overall view of things, and would be good at puzzles or putting broken things back together. VSK learners also seem to have better physical coordination, therefore they are usually better at sports than AS learners. While listening to music may help some VSK learners, usually it would just distract them from their work. How can music boost social skills? It is also said to be true that music can help boost social skills. Children delight in listening to music with their friends and parents. They also enjoy listening to it by themselves. As they listen by themselves, they acquire their own taste. This enables them to talk about...
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