How Can Managers at Bmw Group Achieve Workforce Diversity in Their Organisation Using the Managerial Tools Available in the Planning and Controlling Functions?

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  • Published : May 13, 2009
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Introduction to Management
Assignment 2

How can managers at BMW Group achieve workforce diversity in their organisation using the managerial tools available in the planning and controlling functions?

Table of Contents

Table of Contentsii
Executive Summaryiii
The Importance of Workforce Diversity Within the BMW Group3 Planning3
Values handbook4
0.1.1 Definition4
0.1.2 Uses of values based management4
0.1.3 Application The BMW Group4
Goal Setting5
0.1.4 Definition5
0.1.5 The value of setting goals5
0.1.6 Application to the BMW group6
Formulation of Plans6
0.1.7 Strategic plans6
0.1.8 Operational plans7
0.1.9 Definition8
Measuring Actual Performance8
0.1.10 Definition8
0.1.11 Application to the BMW Group9
Comparing Actual Performance Against the Standard 9
0.1.12 Definition9
0.1.13 Application to the BMW Group10
Taking Managerial Action to Correct Deviations or Inadequate Standards10 0.1.14 Application to the BMW Group10

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to determine how BMW Group managers can achieve workforce diversity in their organisation using the managerial tools available in the planning and controlling functions.

The BMW Group is an automotive company that employs 356 staff, 100 of whom in customer service, comprising Caucasian males of the same demographic and cultural background. Company statistics indicate a decline in the number of contracts issued and a decrease in customer approval with many complaining of poor representation and customer service. The Group has identified the lack of workforce diversity as a major problem and recognises the importance of a shift toward a more diverse workforce as a means to better achieving company goals. Interviews were conducted with the customer service team leader and the Human Resources manager. Key business process reference publications including; organisational charts, training manuals and the company bible known as the ‘values handbook’ were consulted. An updated values handbook including workforce diversity guidelines has the potential to increase the groups’ customer service levels. Through effectively shaped goals, the group can also ensure that the organisation is working together towards achieving a common goal. Once all goals have been determined plans can be drawn by senior management to explain how they intend to achieve the goals. By controlling the implementation of the organisation’s new goals and values the company can measure and assess whether the goals are achieving what they were intended or if they require managerial intervention to correct deviations. In summary the management function of planning and controlling can effectively and positively contribute to enhance workforce diversity within the group. It is recommended that; workforce diversity is added to the organisational values handbook; formal plans are drawn outlining goals; goals are implemented correctly; quarterly reviews and KPI’s are set to measure productivity, and recruitment agencies are educated on updated values and how to search for a more diverse workforce when interviewing potential employees. Introduction

The purpose of this report was to explain how managers within the BMW group could apply special managerial theories and concepts into their organisation to achieve workforce diversity. Scope
This report specifically relates to the customer service and sales division within the group. Methodology
The information used in this report was collected by consulting the organisational chart, training manuals and values handbook. Interviews were conducted with the customer service team leader, the customer service manager and also the HR manager. Assumptions

It has been assumed that all interviews conducted...
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