How Can It Help in Peace and Development Effort?

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Theme: “ROTC: How can it help in peace and development effort?”

Ladies and Gentlemen good afternoon.

I am not here to brag about what our government, what any administration or what our Armed Forces has done, so far, to achieve peace and development in the country. I would not throw you any unnecessary info nor will I be presenting to you thorough analysis of data based on comprehensive research. But, instead, I’m simply gonna tell you how ROTC has changed my views and how these views, in my own personal opinion, can help in our search for an ultimate peace and a satisfactory socio-economic development status.

The question at hand is “How can ROTC help in the peace and development efforts,” but, should we not be asking WHAT? What we, the youth, whether we be cadets or just ordinary students, can do to contribute to this national undertaking.

From my learnings as a cadet... let me suggest three Steps: First BE AWARE. Second BELIEVE. And Third ACT.

From here we can derive our roles as the future leaders of this nation. It might be a cliché, but let me say again that WE ARE THE HOPE OF THE MOTHERLAND. In our hands lies the future of our country. It is for this reason that institutions of higher learning were established (for us) in the belief that knowledge can save us all. But mere knowledge is never enough for a person to achieve his goals because his CHARACTER – the way he interacts with his surroundings, his perspective, his beliefs and stand on individual matters, the way he performs his tasks and even his physical capabilities and proficiency – carries a lot greater gravity on to where his life will lead. (This being)The very rationale of Citizen-Army Building. The justification of the National Service Training Program. Developing, harnessing, and training individuals to DREAM and to ACHIEVE.

This leads us to the first step: Let us BE AWARE.

To know the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE.

WHO. We are Filipinos. Lovers of democracy. We rule this...
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