How Can Images Convey Fantasy in to Reality

Topics: Fairy tale, Photography, Color Pages: 4 (1817 words) Published: May 26, 2013
How Images Can Convey Fantasy in to Reality.
Tim Walker; 'All of my photos are linked to things that made me dream as a kid' The quote above is from a interview with Tim Walker. When thinking of are own images they can be linked to many of are own dreams as children as well as adult, this is because they belong to us and we can fully understand them, but being able to convey this through a set of images to a stranger is what makes the complexilty of expression so hard. An image you create could say exactly what you want it to yet be so amibgous in others, in being so amibigous does it mean that everyone can relate to it in a different way, therefore making it there dream instead of yours.He descibes taking an image as simply ' a box between you and what you want to capture'. When taking a photo you have to consider how the reality will effect us compared to the fantasy we may have created in side our minds. By connecting the use of fantasy , reality and dreams i will be exploring different photographers including Tim Walker who is a British photographer whos work manily focuses on storybooks and dreams. My work is going to contain a theme of dreams, stories, memories and reality that can be created from story books and your own dreams throughout and therefore i thought it would be the best topic to disscuss in my essay. Tim Walker always makes use of his own dreams in his work , often using alice in wonderland likes settings which give him the freedom to express his inner feelings. By doing this it allows him to be able to explore different perspectives, often done so with the use of giant props in his images which also create the feel of depth and size within his images. He uses 'colourful images from an imaginative mind' and 'colourful fairytales' this is a decription of his series titled 'Story teller'. Which shows the childhood memories come to life on a large scale.

In this collection Walker has used his memories of his childhood...
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