How Can Home Schooling Be Cheaper and Better Than Public Schools

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  • Published : August 26, 2009
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How Can Home Schooling be cheaper and better than Public Schools

     There many ways that home schooling is cheaper than public schools. With home schooling little or no income is needed from governmental bodies for the education to occur. School specific uniforms, supplies, meals, and course fees do not have to be bought. Home schooling decreases in transportation expenses. In 2004, the average student in public schools costs the United States government about $10,000 to educate. It took about four tax payers to pay for each child. (Ouch, 2004). The Department of Education is also inefficient with its budgeting. “One out of every five DOE contracts that ended in the last two years went over its estimated cost by at least 25 percent. This is according to Thompson’s analysis. In the most outrageous overrun, a contract with Xerox Corporation to lease copy machines to schools ended up costing the taxpayers more than $67 million. It had been originally been estimated at a cost of $1 million” (Green, 2009). Home schooling helps to take the United States government out of paying for education. It has been known to be one of the organizations that over spends. If more students were home schooled, there would be a necessity to have less governmental spending on public schools.  More public schools are requiring their students to wear uniforms. Public schools have many reasons stated to why the students are required to have uniforms, including improving school safety and discipline. Uniforms, though, are not free. They cost money. Some uniforms costs up to $30 per piece. Some may argue that disadvantaged families may qualify to have their uniforms paid for by governmental grants (Manuel on School Uniforms, 1996). Regardless, uniforms in public schools cost money. Home school students may wear whatever they already have. Additional clothing expenses are not required for them to be educated. Meals are not free. Even though some students may qualify for...
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