How Can Events Contribute to Destination Image Enhancement

Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, Olympic Games Pages: 4 (1279 words) Published: May 22, 2013
How can events contribute to destination image enhancement? Give example. A destination images is a psychological concept, studied in multitudinous fields, refers to an individual's perception acquired regards to a particular destination. In tourism studies, the term destination image generally refers to tourist based image. Crompton (1979) defined destination images as the summation of ideas, beliefs and impressions that a persona has of a destination. Furthermore, Milman and Pizam (1995) illustrated destination image as a combination of natural, social attributes, cultural and the infrastructure of the destination. An image of a destination can be enhanced, revolutionized or even destroyed from staging up an event. Events can have several impacts towards the host country, mainly economic, cultural, social and environmental. As an important motivator, events can increase tourists to a region, provide employment, generate revenue which may positively impact on the economy in the region and build brand equity (Getz 2008, Richie & Daryl, 2004). It can also improve the image of the destination for the visitors, as well as to the own community, which may also represent as positive social benefit (Boo & Busser, 2006). Yet however research and analysis found that economic benefits from events are disaggregated, where some of the businesses are actually doing worse off during the event (Putsis, 1998). To overcome the arising question of a host country, "how to achieve and leverage long term economic gain", special attention were brought onto image enhancement as it entitle the capability to shape tourist perceptions of the region and thereby delivering a long term economic gain (Kotler et al., 1993). Knowing that image enhancement is part of the solution to resolve and improve economy in a long-run, the challenge ahead will be how host country can optimises the effect of an event to contribute to destination image enhancement due to the fact that tourists are more...
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