How Can Email Communication Affect Your Business

Topics: Emoticon, Emotion, Communication Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: December 11, 2012
How can email communication affect your business?
Email is now one of the fastest ways to gain or lose potential customers because of its ability to deliver information fast to an enormous amount of people. After sending an email you are no longer in control of the effects of the message and can only wait in suspense. An employee of your company started off his/her day in a bad mood. A potential customer emails them with a trivial question and they reply with a brash tone. Do you think that the recipient will use your company. On the Internet word travels fast. It takes me 3 minutes to send email to 50-100 people. Therefore your company can lose 100 current or potential customers with the brash email sent out by your employee. This can happen in a matter of minutes. Speaking from personal experience I sent out what I considered a helpful message concerning a virus on the Internet. One person thought it was quite annoying because they knew that some of these messages are merely hoaxes. The message I received, without a doubt, shot lightning bolts at me. What did I do? I apologized. I visited their site to see what kind of business they were in and I knew that if someone had ever asked me to give them information about products relating to what they sold, I would most likely say. Do not use "this company." I find that it is most helpful to search newsgroups for my company name to see if good or bad things are being said about me. Try searching for Microsoft, Netscape or AOL in DejaNews ( and see what results are presented to you. Remember newsgroups are simply meeting places on the Internet where people exchange information. Most people know that the best business comes from word of mouth or "word of email." Back to the story. After I sent my apology, I received a reply the next day stating that they were sorry for what they had said. Problem solved. I now do not have a problem recommending that company to a friend. On some occasions a...
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