How Can Discrimination Against Muslims in the Uk Be Controlled?

Topics: Islam, United Kingdom, Mass media Pages: 6 (2286 words) Published: December 5, 2011
How Can Discrimination Against Muslims in the UK be Controlled?

In the UK, Muslims have been strongly discriminated against. Although there may be a few causes for this discrimination, the strongest cause would be how the media shown in the UK is influencing the feelings of the British citizens towards Muslims. This media tends to portray Muslims falsely giving them a negative image. As a result of the opinions caused by media, the British and the Muslims are at occasional conflict with each other. This forms a confused society built on fear and hatred. This, of course, causes some issues for the citizens by making them less sociable. The Muslims in the UK are greatly affected as well because they live in a community that does not approve of their presence and even fears them. This leaves the Muslims facing a lot of social rejection, which could be damaging to certain few of them. To solve this problem, the UK needs to have better government control over its media.

Lauren Fulton wrote an article called Europe’s Immigrant Problem, in it she discussed how there have been issues with Muslims in some European countries. She even mentioned how the government in the UK has tried to control the problem in the past by making immigration rules stricter (32). These rules would mean less Muslims migrating to the UK for work, which can affect the UK’s economy because this cheap labor has improved the country’s economy considerably (Fulton 29). The government hoped that less Muslims would mean less tension, but why is there even tension? There should not be a problem between two cultures in the same country without a reason.

The majority of the British are Christian, but that should not be enough reason to dislike Muslims. There are many countries where Christians and Muslims live together happily. In Lebanon, for example, around half the citizens are Muslim and the other half is Christian, and they are currently living together peacefully. One could argue that the Christians and Muslims were not always at peace with each other in the past. Danial Abidin, in her book Islam: The Misunderstood Religion, talked about how the Muslim Ottoman Empire ruled parts of mostly Christian European countries in the past. However, Muslims were peaceful even when conquering another country. The targeted countries did not always cooperate with the Muslims and sometimes decided to go to war with them, but the Muslims followed humane rules even at war. They did not harm innocent civilians, women, children, and the elderly. They did not enter people’s homes, cut down any trees, kill any animals, burn property, or destroy any wells. Even the prisoners that were taken in from war were treated well. Even after the country was won over, the citizens were left to live their life as it was and follow the religion they want provided they payed a tax for their protection. On top of that, the Muslims always built schools and libraries where they went to promote the education levels in the countries under their rule. All this did not matter though, because the Ottoman Empire never even reached Britain, so although there might be reason for some Europeans to feel some resentment towards Muslims, the British have none. In fact, it is the Muslims that should feel resentment towards the British because they invaded some Muslim countries in the past, and they were not quite as peaceful as the Muslim invasions. Besides killing and enslaving the people of the countries they invaded, the British always left the countries corrupt as they did in Egypt, or hand the country over to another invader, as they did with Palestine (91-94). There is one other influence that creates cultural conflict when we eliminate the historical reason, and that would be the effect of the media on the people. The media that people are exposed to shapes the way people think. Andrew Hart, the author of the book Understanding the Media, wrote that “the media select and...
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