How Can Basketball Affect the Growth of a Child?

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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How can basketball affect the growth of a child?

Basketball: my dreams, my life, my passion. Of course I had interest in several other sports (baseball and soccer being the two larger ones), but none held my interest the way basketball did. Even when I was just a young boy, the game of basketball fascinated me and, ultimately, captured my heart. Growing up, I didn’t understand how much the game could have affected my life. Now, I want to coach to share my knowledge and love of basketball to positively affect other people’s lives.

One might ask what does basketball actually do that could or would change someone’s life? Well, for starters, the game forces you to exercise. In order to play basketball, you’re going to have to actually get up off the couch! But, in reality, the physical improvement is just an added bonus. The real value is in what you LEARN! One learns how to work with other people as a unit in order to accomplish a common goal: to win. That is, in itself, the definition of teamwork. Being able to communicate with other people is a necessity in the world. It’s how you make friendships, how you get things accomplished, and how to get people to understand what you’re talking about. Without good communication skills (something that you can learn with basketball), it becomes very difficult to be successful.

Alas, the list truly is endless to what basketball can teach (the value of hard work, communication, and teamwork just to name a few of such perks), and I want to be the one to teach it. Having a grand passion for the game myself, I strongly believe that I will be able to change at least one child’s life. And if I could get at least one child to learn these things, I know that it would have been worth it.
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