How Brands Complement Each Other with Orthodoxy, Individuality

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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How Brand complement each other with Orthodoxy, Individuality? Daisy Yuen
Raffles Design Institute
Interior Design
16 June, 2012
Kiumars Roshanzamir

Orthodoxy, brand, individuality are connected with each other in the field of design (no matter it’s architecture, interior, fashion, graphic, pure art etc.), yet they are opposites sometimes. For instance, in the area of architecture, the social norm is: the architects who have a formal education in national famous universities are entrusted by the official to build a public architecture in the eye of a city. In the 1980s, a Japanese who designed a private house in Osaka, and this house was famous for “ it is designed by Tadao Ando, he was an boxer before”. He issued a different sound to the official system, i.e. orthodoxy. Afterwards, he said, this architecture was built as informal building to reverse city and social. His design denies all the representation, and never obscure to show the pure individual character. The wisdom part of Tadao Ando specifically manifested in, He did not use “technology” as a weapon, besides, he created a brand of “Ando”. His architectures diffuse strong individuality, it’s just like the bag famous for Louis Vuitton. Later, the cities all over the world snap up those worldclass-brand design project, so all over the world appear constantly deja vu building scenery. Therefore, in my research, I will use five specific examples in different design field to figure out more deeply that how brand complement each other with orthodoxy and individuality. And by the end, we will know that brand, orthodoxy & individuality are closely connect with each other, even we can’’t split them off.

In the early stages of the globalization, there were only a few of brands that have great reputation monopolize the global market. This is the rule of the brand effect. Sometimes, the field of public architecture seeks the brand effect of design, too. The reason is that following and relying on famous brand is not only suitable for the range of personal business, in this era, orthodoxy management has to rely on it similarly, even the country. As the development of this situation, actually, official also prefer the recommendations of the brand ---- This means that even the orthodox system began to yield to the brand effect, too.

For example, Tadao Ando profoundly know: it is no longer a problem no matter technique power or selling ability of large-scale enterprise, if you make sure a strong core of brand image. In order to create a brand image, Tadao Ando designed large amounts of projects for Fashion Boutique. In this process, he realized some essence of consumer civilization and he established his own “Ando” brand. He had even well prepared to create brand myth resolutely ---- Never lost to any popular brands. As thus, Ando successfully led architecture from the orthodox route to personality route. He launched a powerful challenge to orthodox route.

Big project has great significance itself. To some extent, the project itself has the color of public due to the “big”. At the same time, for the fund raising, liberalization develop, individuation develop, too. Consequently, brand shows the effectiveness for making a compromise between orthodox management and personal business. In order to persuade numerous individual, there is nothing better than the most simple and easy way ---- repeating the design scheme that has the social influence and has established already, i.e. brand. The real estate company, bank, insurance company etc, these projects are more big and the greater enterprise & group will join in. For this case, more main bodies join in, and these projects need to rely on the already famous brand more to get the approval of public. Accordingly, more and more works from all over the world come together to famous brand designer. Without doubt, those designers will live up to the...
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